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Default Re: Ultimate One Universe RPG: IC Thread

Xavier Mansion
Westchester County, NY

Charles looked in the mirror and adjusted his bowtie. He was dressed in a black tuxedo. Jean sat on the desk behind him, watching with a amused look as her teacher fuss over his suit.

"What do you think?" He asked, turning around for inspection.
"Wait a minute."

Charles' bowtie shifted a fraction of an inch to the right via Jean's telekinesis. Jean slid off the desk and walked around Charles, inspecting him with her hands behind her back.

"You look fine. I do have to say, Professor, you clean up really well."

"Thank you, Jean. I will take your backhanded compliment as a sincere one."

"When's your ride showing up?" Jean asked as Charles sat down behind his desk.

"Momentarily. I should feel her presence when they get close."

"So who is this lady you're going to this function with?"

"Moira is an old college friend. We studied together at Oxford. She's a brilliant scientist, she's the keynote speaker tonight, and she is also a fascinating woman... please stop trying to read my mind."

"What?" Jean said with grin. "I just wanted to see how deep your admiration ran. Just trying to expand my abilities, like you always want me to do."

"Some things are private, Jean. I don't tell you about the thoughts Scott has about you, do I?"

"Wait... What?"

Shaking his head, Charles stood and began to leave the room.

"She's coming. Walk with me."

Together, they walked down the flight of stairs towards the mansion's ground floor.

"So, you know what your main responsibility is tonight?"

"I'm to keep the guys from tearing down the mansion."

"More or less. Speaking of which, where are they?"

"Hank and Jeff are helping Scott and Rex prepare for their final exams."

"Excellent. So excellent, in fact, you should join them after we're done."

"I'll consider it."

Charles and Jean came down into the mansion's foyer as a town car pulled into the driveway and rolled towards the house. Charles gave his tux one final look over.

"I may be gone, but I would like everyone to act as if I am still here. Curfew is still in effect, lights out by eleven thirty. If you get hungry, call in a pizza. Whatever you do, do not like Rex cook."

"Yeah, I figured that may go against my not destroying the house obligations. Have fun tonight."

"Oh, I intend to. Don't wait up."

"Eww. And I don't have to be a mind reader to know what you're thinking."

"Good night, Jean," Charles said with a chuckle.

He started to walk towards the front door, but was stopped by an invisible barrier.

"Before you go," Jean said from behind him. "What does Scott think about me?"

Charles smiled and, without turning to look back, said, "Find out. The natural way. No telepathy tonight, Miss Grey. That's my homework assignment for the evening."

The barrier disappeared and Charles stepped forward to the door.

"Good night, Professor."

Charles leaned against the door and turned to nod at Jean as he walked out the front door and down the steps.

The black town car was idling outside the steps. A driver in a suit climbed out the car and nodded at Charles before he opened the back door.

"Hello, Charles," the dark-haired woman in the backseat said.

"Moira," Charles said, climbing into the car and kissing her on the cheek. "It's been too long."

"Yes, it has. I have to say, the new house is certainly an improvement over that nasty little flat we had at Oxford."

"Aha! I always knew back then that you were only with me for my money."

"Of course," she said, getting the driver's attention. "We're ready. You know the place."

Nodding, the driver rolled the car out the driveway and down the road. As the car gained speed down the highway, it was caught on video by a night-vision surveillance camera planted on the side of the highway.


Utopia Island
San Francisco Bay

"Admiral," Commander Slade Wilson said as he saluted his superior officer, Admiral William Stryker. The two men were at the top of the island's rocky summit.

"Just got this," he said as Stryker ordered him to be at ease. Wilson handed the admiral a series of surveillance photos that showed Charles Xavier leaving the front steps of his large home and getting in a car that pulled out onto the highway and disappeared down the road.

"Excellent. Go get Trask and the Sentinels. It's time to kickstart Operation: Crusade."

Wilson saluted and marched off. Stryker proceeded down into his office and began preparations for the mission. First things first, he opened a line to Washington.

"Stryker?" Senator Robert Kelly asked on the other end of the phone line. "What's this about?"

"Operation: Crusade, sir. We're ready to go. The telepath is out of the house. Now is the time to strike."

"Wait... Crusade was just an intelligence gathering mission only. You, Naval Intelligence, and Homeland Security were supposed to monitor any potential mutant threats only."

"All due respect, sir. Things have changed. These mutants we're dealing with, they're a clear and present threat to national security."

"I've been reading the reports. They're children, Stryker."

"No. They're mutants."

"No, they're US citizens! I don't care what you think, Stryker, I will not condone or approve a military attack on US soil, on US citizens."

"That's exactly what I would expect a politician to say."

"Goddammit! Listen to me, Stryker. You will not carry whatever you're planning, you hear me?! I'm calling the Joint Chiefs and Secretary of Defense. You'll be officially relieved of duty in twenty minutes."

"Well, I'll be sure to leave in fifteen."

Stryker hung up on the protesting senator and calmly left his office. He walked down to the island's helipad. A black Osprey was sitting on the pad, its blades beginning to speed up. In front of the aircraft, ten soldiers were gathered with Wilson. They were dressed in full-body armor, assault rifles on their shoulders.

"They're awaiting your orders, sir."

Stryker nodded and looked out at the soldiers.

"As I said before, you men were chosen for your skills and your conviction. Each and everyone of you know that there is no will but His will. The truth has only become apparent to me. We serve no man, no politician, and no country. We only serve God and His plan. We are agents of His will. And tonight, you are doing that. Tonight we take the first steps in reminding the world why they need Him. Tonight, we reclaim the world from the scientist, the politicians, and sinners that have let these Godless mutants possible in the first place. You men are like the angels of old. Carrying out the Lord's plan. You are the Sentinels, and you serve on His will."

Stryker barked for them to all stand at attention. The men snapped into place, standing before their commander in their armor.

Spoiler!!! Click to Read!:

Holding his hand to his head, Stryker saluted them.

"God be with you and bless each of you in the upcoming task."

The men saluted and their squad leader, Sergeant Bolivar Trask, shouted. "Alright, move out!"

The men marched towards the idling Osprey while Stryker and Wilson watched.

"I'll be watching them in the ops control room. While I do that, I want you to make full preparations to move us to the Krakoa facility."

"That may take some time."

"Do it in a half hour. We're only taking necessary people and items."

The back of the Osprey shut with a hiss. A few moments later, the aircraft was roaring above Utopia Island and heading east towards New York. The Sentinels inside the Osprey's belly ready to face their mutant foes.

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