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Default Re: Ultimate One Universe RPG: IC Thread

Captain Pushkin and his men took Piotr to a small office building that sat in the heart of Odessa's industrial district. Piotr was led inside by Pushkin as his men flanked him. Piotr eventually was taken up to a large double door, which Pushkin, after giving Piotr a hard look, opened.

Stepping into the room, the men closing the door behind him, Piotr stops in his tracks as he sees the face that is greeting him.

"Ah! Welcome, Piotr", Mikhail smiled as he slowly stood up from behind his desk.
"I am so happy you came! This is truly a joyous day!"

"The brothers Rasputin, reunited again"
, Mikhail exclaimed as he walked out from behind his desk.

Piotr remained silent, never breaking eye contact with his brother as Mikhail approached him, still grinning like a ghoul.

"Thank you for your assistance, Captain Pushkin, you may go."

The Captain nodded and he and his men left them alone, closing the door behind them as they departed.

" hello, dear brother"
, Mikhail frowned and stepped back in mock shock.
"No, 'Mikhail! It has been too long!'", he continues as he begins to pace the room, not taking his eyes off of Piotr.
"Or maybe a simple 'brother, it is good to see well after all these years!'"

"No...I. Get. Nothing"
, Mikhail scowls.

"What do you want, Mikhail?"

"Very well, to the point", Mikhail stated, his face now turned one of grim finality.
"Let me start by laying down some facts for you, brother. First, I know that you are a mutant. As you probably have guessed by your escort here, my business deals have afforded me very powerful allies. I am fully aware of the incident you had with the runaway tractor."

, Mikhail continued after seeing Piotr remain silent, "I am sure you are well aware of the growing black market for mutant trafficking. It is dangerous and expanding business."

"One that has afforded me my considerable influence"
, Mikhail smirked.

Now Piotr did react, showing disgust.
"You had your faults, Mikhail, and I disagreed with the path you chose...but dealing your own kind as though they were mere things!?"

Piotr spat on the carpet, "That is vile, even for you."

Mikhail inhaled deeply through his nostrils, holding back his growing anger.

"Ever the righteous ass, Piotr. Know that I am not the only one in this business. Even now, there are other fronts for the mutant trade right here in Odessa. And believe me when I tell you that any operation worth their salt has the same information that I have. Meaning they know about my mutant abilities as well as yours."

"So what", Piotr scoffs, "you come here for fear they might come after me? Or perhaps you need my help in protecting you from their wrath?"

"Don't be so blind, Piotr. I asked Gregor to put me in charge of his Odessa operation because I knew you were here. You...and our sister."

Upon mention of Ilyanna, Piotr froze, his eyes narrowing at Mikhail, waiting to hear what he had to say.

"If they know that we are mutants, the chances are very good that she is a mutant too. At her age, she is a prime target for them. I have come to Odessa to put you both under my protection. To keep her safe."

"Thank you for your generosity, brother, but we will politely decline. We are doing fine as we are, without the aid of your blood money."

"You misunderstand, Piotr", Mikhail replies, his voice cold and cool.
"This is not an option. You cannot protect her from these people, where as I can. I will protect Ilyanna whether you choose to 'permit' this or not. You are my brother, and, despite our...disagreements, I hope you will consider joining her under my care. We can be a family again."

"You will not touch...Ilyanna", Piotr stated as his skin began to seemingly melt away, giving birth to organic steel.

"Hahahahaha! It is cute that you think you can stop this from happening, Piotr", Mikhail stated as his eyes began to glow with a bright yellow light.

"Goodbye, dear brother", Mikhail exclaimed as the floor beneath Piotr's feet suddenly dissolved, leaving Piotr to fall into the suddenly created large hole.
"I will be in touch..."

Mikhail's eyes returned to normal, along with the floor, and the renegade Rasputin leaned back in his chair to ponder his next move.

"Take the risk of thinking for yourself, much more happiness, truth, beauty, and wisdom will come to you that way."
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