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Default Re: Dc Direct Arkham asylum/ Arkham city figures Discussion

Originally Posted by VictoriaR85 View Post
I just received my AA Batman. I actually prefer him quite a bit to the AC Series 3 Batman. He just seems more detailed and authentic to me. The AC version's face is too peachy and clean. AA Batman's is more gritty and he looks more determined. Plus, the rivets in the costume are not painted on the AC version.
Speaking of AA Batman. Anyone else notice the price hike since the new production was announced without Batman being one of the figures to be re-released? The average starting price on ebay has almost doubled in the past couple weeks. I ordered one from some toy website...I don't remember the name. Still had for 31.99 w/shipping,which is cheaper than the local comic store has new figures from AC. Now if Scarecrow would come down in price,besides Bane the only I need now from AA.

I agree. Asylum Batman is a more interesting/tough looking figure.

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