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Default Re: ORGANICS SUCK!!!! (A Tribute Thread)

Originally Posted by Chris Wallace View Post
There's no triggers. He never takes the webshooters off at any point (proven several times) so I think we'd notice a trigger. And a cartridge would run out at some point, which also never happened.
Considering you seem to hate this take on the character, I suppose I shouldn't be surprised at your complaints and the things you've missed.

He wore fingerless gloves and often had his sleeves pulled past his wrists... which was to hide the... you guessed it, webshooters.

A piece of expository dialogue that you seem to have missed is that it's also stated that a "single pellet can store several hundred feet" of webbing... and there's not just one pellet rolling around in those cartridges (which have been aptly referred to as pellet chambers in the viral stuff). So if there's about 100-200 pellets in a cartridge and a single pellet can store around 300 feet of webbing... you do the math.

Peter could have only reloaded once in the entire movie and from what Oscorp states the Biocable cartridge can store, he would have been just fine.

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