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Default Re: Official Man of Steel Trailer(s) Thread - Part 3

Originally Posted by Kryptonian Warrior View Post
So it sounds like the trailer has been seen by a "source" This is coming from CBM, so who knows. Here's the article anyways. GOOD GOD, I hope this is true, because it sounds absolutely amazing.

Our source from DC Entertainment just got back to us about the new Man of Steel trailer attached to The Hobbit.

While no specific details are mentioned other than Zod appearing, the source says that it's probably the best comic book movie trailer ever made.

The source sent over the following:

"The trailer has everything; you get a sense of the story, breathtaking action sequences that are just a snippet of the film. It has everything a fanboy would dream of in a first Superman trailer, but it has the appeal that would draw the wider audience in. I will say that clear and present images of Zod are seen in the trailer. You just need to watch it without knowing anything to be really blown away."

This same source also provided us information that Henry Cavill would be appearing in Man of Steel sequels as well as the Justice League movie months ago, which director Zack Snyder recently all but came out and said.

The source also provided us with a specific scene in the Man of Steel that was featured in the Comic-Con footage, specifically mentioning what took place with Lana Lang.

The source also provided us a key detail about the creation of the Yellow Rings in the Green Lantern movie before the movie's premiere. We are aware what Marc Guggenheim said about our Green Lantern 2 script information, and while we can't verify the information personally, our source said that Guggenheim is playing his cards close to his chest.

The article does go on to talk about other things not necessarily MOS related.
I hope it's true too but I'm pretty sure this trailer will kick ass with Snyder behind it.

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