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Default Re: Am I the only one that feels like TDKR prevents Nolan's trilogy from being perfec

Originally Posted by The Joker View Post
I'm not saying he definitely was tracking a criminal like Selina, but lets face it is it unlikely he had not had a similar situation before? A break in at a millionaire's mansion? Or perhaps keeping up to speed on the events in Gotham. The cleaning up of the streets via the Dent Act. Who was being picked up and locked away. Keeping track of all the organized crime members going down.

There is many reasons why he could have been in that cave before without being Batman.
Of course there could have been a ton of reasons for Bruce to pop in the Batcave, trying to see if something bad is going down in Gotham for Batman to be needed, but that doesn't take away that Batman could have very well stuck around for at least six more months or maybe another whole year until the Dent Act was established and put into law.

Nostalgia in that he's mentally stuck in the past and can't move on. As Alfred said he just sits around living in the past (missing Rachel) and waiting for things to go bad again.
But we already know Bruce can't move on. That's a part of TDKR that they focused on, Bruce never being able to move on. But that doesn't mean Bruce had to visit the Batcave to do so.

But this brings us back to the whole point of when was the Dent Act created? You claim it couldn't have happened shortly after Dent's death. Well a dozen other legal related things that happened in Nolan's movies could never happen in real life either.

But we heard Blake say the inmates in Blackgate say they were locked up under the Dent Act for 8 years. Nolan also said the 8 year gap is representative of Batman's retirement;

Christopher Nolan: The end of ‘The Dark Knight’ left the characters in a pretty interesting place. Because we’re trying to make one unified story here, so it’s not another episode, another Batman episode, if you like. For me, that meant really trying to be true to where the characters were left. And Bruce Wayne, as Batman, has made a rather large sacrifice at the end of ’The Dark Knight.’ For that to mean something, he really has to have succeeded in a sense, in his mission. He has to have a Gotham that at least superficially doesn’t need Batman anymore. And that leaves him frozen. And the eight year period is about showing that he’s retired in a sense, that he’s hung up his cape and his cowl. But he hasn’t been able to move on, he’s stuck.
And I brought up the idea that the low-life thugs Dent put away in TDK could have been accounted for as well under the new Dent Act once it's established, so Blake could have just counted up once these criminals were sent to prison or what have you which would still be eight years.

It was a larger victory than that. Besides the Joker's capture and half of the city's criminals being locked up, between Joker and Two Face they had Maroni, Gambol, and the Chechen all murdered.

Joker had essentially taken over the underworld with plans to bring in a better class of criminal. Joker was caught.
Good point, but I just don't see the ending of TDK as the ending of Batman. Just too many things, imo, point to Bruce still being Batman for a while.

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