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Default Re: Am I the only one that feels like TDKR prevents Nolan's trilogy from being perfec

Originally Posted by Anno_Domini View Post
Of course there could have been a ton of reasons for Bruce to pop in the Batcave, trying to see if something bad is going down in Gotham for Batman to be needed, but that doesn't take away that Batman could have very well stuck around for at least six more months or maybe another whole year until the Dent Act was established and put into law.
Could have but didn't for several reasons;

1. The movie says Batman's not been sighted since the night Dent died
2. Nolan said the 8 year gap was representative of Batman's retirement
3. Nolan says on the special features of the blu ray that the injury he sustained that requires a cane is from the fall he had with Dent at the end of TDK. Can you see Batman being active in crime fighting with an injury like that? You see him limping away at the end of TDK when the Cops are chasing him. Clearly the injury just deteriorated over the 8 years.

But we already know Bruce can't move on. That's a part of TDKR that they focused on, Bruce never being able to move on. But that doesn't mean Bruce had to visit the Batcave to do so.
I'm not saying it does. I'm saying that's one of several possible and more likely reasons. This is all conjecture on my behalf.

And I brought up the idea that the low-life thugs Dent put away in TDK could have been accounted for as well under the new Dent Act once it's established, so Blake could have just counted up once these criminals were sent to prison or what have you which would still be eight years.
You brought up the idea. No offense, but that's all it is, an idea. Whereas we have direct quotes from the movie and the director substantiating Batman's retirement for 8 years and the Dent Act keeping men locked up for 8 years.

It doesn't add up in the face of what we're told.

Good point, but I just don't see the ending of TDK as the ending of Batman. Just too many things, imo, point to Bruce still being Batman for a while.
Trust me, Anno, I would have LOVED if Batman did not throw in the towel at the end of TDK, because the last thing I was thinking when I saw TDK's ending was Batman was riding off on the Bat-Pod for retirement after just being christened a Dark Knight. You'll recall I am a big critic of that.

But I have to concede that isn't how it played given everything we're told. Both in the movie and by the movie makers.

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