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Default Re: Daredevil reboot: official discussion thread - Part 3

Originally Posted by metaphysician View Post
And they weren't negotiating for the FF as a whole, just shared usage rights for certain FF supporting characters.

IMO, Marvel probably *does* want everything back. However, being seen as wanting them back would be counterproductive, as then everyone currently holding rights would be encouraged to hold them with a death grip in order to demand considerable payment. So, stay cool, focus on their own thing, maybe offer little deals here and there, but largely wait for someone *else* to come to the table.
Perhaps, but a willingness to trade some FF characters for DD, doesn't show a lot of enthusiasm for DD. Plus DD doesn't fit in with what Marvel has been doing so far in terms of movies. I think a dark DD would work better for the Silver Screen then a light hearted one. Heck I thought the Captain America movie was too light hearted, so much so that it didn't feel like it was set in WWII and Red Skull seems like a pale imitation of himself.

I also think DD is an odd place as a film franchise. The first film is almost 10 years old and not very memorable, so you need a movie that reintroduces the characters before you can move to the more meatier stories, like a gang war story and Born Again. So they have to have movie that reintroduces the characters to audience, that doesn't seem like a place holder for more interesting movies down the line. They also have set up the Kingpin, because the two sequels I suggested would have stories that involve Kingpin heavily. So if they don't use Kingpin, his presence should still be felt and the villain in the first movie has to be compelling and thematic in his own right, not just feel like a lame place holder for Kingpin. Owl on his own wouldn't be very interesting, IMO, he doesn't have a lot of great stories and putting him in a film before Kingpin would make him feel like a lame place holder for Kingpin.

Owl would work better in a gang war story, because you can contrast him with Kingpin and put DD in a moral predicament. The gang war between Owl and Kingpin is ripping the city apart, so DD whatever does will tip the favor in one side over the other, so in the end DD is choosing who will rule the underworld. No matter who wins, DD loses.

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