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Default Re: Patrick Stewart & Ian McKellen Return for Days of Future Past

Originally Posted by Joeyjojo72 View Post
Irregardlessly, you can be damn sure that the time travel stuff wont make a lick of logical sense. Sooo sick of this premise in tv/movies/comics (only "AI run amok" is more overused).

That said, I will be there opening week, barring terrible reviews. To me, X-2 is a master class in editing and its in my top 5 SH movies. With a good script, I have faith in Singer. Plus, Im actually curious to see if they can sort out all the continuity issues in one movie (this is the real reason they're doing time travel btw). Vee shall zee.

I really miss Rebecca Romijn as Mystique. Shes not a great actress or anything, but I think she was basically perfect in that role. Jen Lawrence is beautiful and talented, but she looked very odd in the makeup and just didnt bring much to the character. Miscast, but there can certainly improve on things and maybe I will change my mind. Characterization-wise, there is absolutely no continuity between the FC Mystique and the X123 version. Very different people, and not just the different actors appearances.
In the writer's defense, Mystique joining the Brotherhood and all laid the groundwork to her becoming who she is in the future films. It does make her seem like a cold hearted b**** for almost killing Xavier, though now that I think about it.


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