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Default Re: Plot ideas based on SPOILERS (general discussion)

Originally Posted by elizah72 View Post
I have the impression in the destroyer scenes intercut with Loki that Loki was controlling it and could therefore see what was going on down on earth, and so could see when Jane came running over to grieve over Thor. Loki can definitely see and hear Thor when he says how sorry he is and to take his life and end it, leave these people alone.
That's true.

<gossiping about Thor>
Originally Posted by elizah72 View Post
By the watercooler? LOL
On the Thor message boards!

<Stonehenge used as a portal?>
Originally Posted by elizah72 View Post
maybe but I believe there were at least 2 "Celtic" musicians involved in the Stonehendge filming (listed on IMDB also one of them had tweeted about the filming, as I recall), plus another RUMOR of a naked guy running around during that filming so... that doesn't sound so much like Jane's cup of tea Plus I think she filming something elsewhere at that time.

It's my guess currently that Stonehenge might have been used and redressed a bit to show Alfheim or another world. and maybe the Celtic musicians giving a bit of that Celtic flavor to them and the similarities with Stonehenge will just make us all wonder where Stonehendge may have come from (in the MCU anyway) I haven't worked out why or how that'll all work into the story as a whole yet though. Another possibility is it's some kind of flashback to the Druids for some reason but again no idea how to fit that in with everything else at this time.
I finally had a chance to do some fact-checking. It looks like they filmed the Stonehenge scene around August 29-30. There was a rumor (ie, somebody tweeted) that Portman was spotted in a bar near Stonehenge having a drink with Hemsworth on the 28th. I recall much of the cast was spotted in the UK in late August, and someone on this forum commented that they were probably having their costume fits checked. There are no countervailing pics placing Portman anywhere else in the world at the time. So, it's quite possible she's in the Stonehenge scene.

Stonehenge may well also be dressed up to look like a location on Alfheim (either with or without Jane, I might add ). That may be perfectly sensible if in the story the Stonehenge structure is actually part of a transportation network (of portals). Kind of like how many of the stops in a subway system will have a similar look and feel.

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