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Default Re: Am I the only one that feels like TDKR prevents Nolan's trilogy from being perfec

Originally Posted by Anita18 View Post
Doesn't Daggett say, "8 years, and he has to pick tonight?" That says to me that he really was gone for 8 years, or at the very least, hasn't done a big job like the stock exchange for that long.
Imo, that.

Originally Posted by The Joker View Post
There's always one
Yep, I'm apparently that "one".

Absolutely. Unless you have some practical alternative suggestions about what a limping leg Batman would be doing out in Gotham after that night?

If your response is catching criminals, then that would be a confirmed sighting, since those captured criminals could substantiate Batman was still around.
Captured criminals exclaiming that they saw Batman is still not a confirmed sighting since the police didn't see him. The only reason why Blake said a confirmed sighting since that's the last time the police saw him.

How does he protect Gotham from the shadows?
"I Am The Night".

So Batman never protects in the shadows?

I wasn't going to bring that up, but since you have I'll gladly use that since Bruce was not bothered by being chased after either of these chases with the Police.
Wasn't bothered? Really? Bruce told Alfred that the police were not doing their job, and they weren't. Why be bothered by nuisances when you can avoid it?

You're putting words in Nolan's mouth by saying he made a generalization. How can it be a generalization when he says the 8 years is the retirement period? He hung up the cape and cowl.

It's spelled out simply. No generalization. No double meaning.
Lol, if you say so. I mean, that's all I can say really. You're not changing my mind and I'm not changing yours.

What kind of idiot tries to fight crime with a handicap like a limp?

You're just conjecturing again, and your what if scenario sounds so ludicrous. Batman going around the rooftops and taking on criminals with a limp.

Ridiculous scenario I cannot even possible envision of Nolan's Batman.
The injury, you said, got worse through those eight years. No way could Bruce have a limp from the beginning but yet it supposedly gets worse in the eight years? If he had the limp already, how did it get worse as you say? That doesn't make any sense. To say he had a limp from the beginning contradicts you saying the injury became worse when that's all it is eight years after, a limp.

No offense, but working in a hardware store, and running around rooftops and fighting criminals is a bit more physically stressful on a man than working in a hardware store.

It doesn't take years of ninja training to do that.

No offense taken since you're taking working at a hardware store so lightly it seems.

Someone already has. There's his quote.

Why you think he's generalizing is beyond me, except I suspect it's just an attempt to make your argument have some validity to it.
And his quote says nothing to make me think otherwise than what I am now.

And I'm not the only one that feels the same way that Nolan didn't make a clear-cut statement of Bruce having retired for a total of eight years.

What Batman memorabilia does he have in Wayne Manor?
What Batman memorabilia does he have in the cave besides just a suit? That's not a reason, as I said, for him to go in the Batcave to just stare.

Maybe, but it would help if one particular hard headed poster could back up his theories with something a bit more concrete like I have
I could say the same

Originally Posted by Ryan View Post
Anno, you think everything I post is directed at I hope you do ignore my's what ive wanted all
Cool story

Originally Posted by TheBat812 View Post
I'd have to say that given that special features explanation about Bruce's injury from Nolan (which I hadn't heard, but is a big piece of info regarding this) as well as the few lines from the movie do indicate that Bruce put the cowl away after that night. It's a very fitting idea for Nolan. This is what Nolan most probably intended, although I think he purposefully did not include too much proof of that in the film to allow that ambiguity for the fans.

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