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Default Re: Patrick Stewart & Ian McKellen Return for Days of Future Past

Originally Posted by ThePowerCosmic View Post
It's not comparable to Rhodey and Banner being recasted. The X-Movies have killed off characters and X3 made drastic changes in the universe. DoFP will need to explain things like Professor X being alive and Magneto having his abilities back.
You're missing the point of my post. I know it's not comparable. I'm saying that if Marvel were to come up with a plotline to explain the difference in appearance in 2 Rhodeys or Banners, which is attributable purely to a change in cast member and not anything internal within the story, that would be ridiculous.

However, it's even more ridiculous with X-Men, because all their problems aren't something internal either but all to do with bad writing, lack of consistency, etc - in other words mistakes or missteps that the production team made. It's not that Days of Future Past is merely being used because they want to do that story, but because everything has become so convuluted that they are almost forced to do something like that in order to sort their mess out in order to move forward.

There's a difference with if that plotline had been planned, because then it would merely seem as if everything has been set up that way. Now, because of all the continuity problems, people are likely to interpret this plotline as that Fox are effectively admitting that they're in such a mess that they're taking drastic measures to fix everything, even if it means spinning this time travel yarn and then doing away with certain realities so that they're erased from continuity.

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