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Default Re: Thor 2 Dark World news, speculation and pictures possible Spoilers - Part 6

love the crazy speculation, but it's all just such a HUGE stretch panning out the next like 3-4 years into the future when then first movie to start things going doesnt come out for like 5 months and this one doesnt come out for like a year.

I know you said you have some kind of inside information or sat in some planning sessions (I can't recall exactly what) but from what I can take that you know is that the MCU is planning some sort of time travel in these next 3-4 films and you're just throwing in examples to make sense about it. I know you can't come out and say what you know exactly but from what I've read from you its:

-Thanos has some way of seeing the future/The Other is Kang and trying to get the upper hand
-Pym will time travel to now (don't know where you get that from though lol).. and I read you said he's actually Selvig in disguise or something
- AIM has tech that can see parts of the future but can't figure it out and Jane acquires it, hence Maleketh's plan or something
- and other varies theories about Dr. Stange, Adam Warlock, Magnus and other guys I don't even know haha

I mean the speculation is great and all, but maybe tone it down since we have literally zero information on any of this. I know you say you know things but if you arent going to come out and tell us I don't think it's worth writing 1000 word posts trying to come up with stuff.. idk haha but keep em coming I guess


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