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Default Re: The Official Batman (1989) Thread - Part 3

That's a gorgeous figure! I hate the lucky bastard who gets to own it.

@ The Guard - Exactly. To expound on construct idea, even the mooks point this out to him in the Nolan Trilogy for gods sakes. When the bad guys realize that he's just a weirdo in a costume playing at being bad, they stop fearing him. They see through the construct and Batman loses his power over them. Instead they fear real psychos like Joker and Bane, because they know those guys don't pull any punches. The moral of Nolan's story seems to be don't **** with crazy people unless you're the real Batman. It's just a bad idea.

In contrast, Burton's Batman has a psychotic edge that most mooks recognize and respect on a primal level. The only bad guys who are willing to openly challenge Burton's Bat are the ones who are mentally unstable, brilliant, or just plain stupid. And they don't do so lightly because they know he is like them... only he defends the establishment rather than wants its destruction. The Timm/Dini Batman also has that crazy edge to a lesser extent.

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