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Default Re: HOLY ARKHAM LOGIC BATMAN! The Crazy, Insane Theory about Nolanverse Thread

Originally Posted by bane View Post
Rachel is a brunette. Her hair is not red, it's dark brown.
Don't you dare try to rationalize here bub!

Spoiler!!! Click to Read!:
but hey i'm a guy. i'm supposed to be oblivious to differences in colour

Originally Posted by bane View Post
Rachel Dawes is named after Rachel from BR, and Sean Young was supposed to play Vicky Vale in B89 and then later Catwoman in BR.
See this is why we needed this -- I never made the connection until just now.

The Tumbler is based on the Police Speeder from BR (no front axel & etc).

In the BB DVD features Nolan talks about how the initial designs on the Tumbler was meant to look like a bat with its wings swept forwards, with the bridge naturally being the head. There's a sketch out there somewhere detailing the concept but I can't find it at the moment...


THE JUSTICE BULLETIN published some of my thematic analysis on the symbolism in Nolan's superhero saga.
I call it Heroic Archetypes. You can read the parts on Batman Begins in the following links:
(pt 1; pt 2; pt 3; pt 4; pt 5; pt 6; pt 7)

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