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Default Re: Thor 2 Dark World news, speculation and pictures possible Spoilers - Part 6

Originally Posted by mkilban2 View Post
love the crazy speculation, but it's all just such a HUGE stretch panning out the next like 3-4 years into the future when then first movie to start things going doesnt come out for like 5 months and this one doesnt come out for like a year.

I know you said you have some kind of inside information or sat in some planning sessions (I can't recall exactly what) but from what I can take that you know is that the MCU is planning some sort of time travel in these next 3-4 films and you're just throwing in examples to make sense about it. I know you can't come out and say what you know exactly but from what I've read from you its:

-Thanos has some way of seeing the future/The Other is Kang and trying to get the upper hand
-Pym will time travel to now (don't know where you get that from though lol).. and I read you said he's actually Selvig in disguise or something
- AIM has tech that can see parts of the future but can't figure it out and Jane acquires it, hence Maleketh's plan or something
- and other varies theories about Dr. Stange, Adam Warlock, Magnus and other guys I don't even know haha

I mean the speculation is great and all, but maybe tone it down since we have literally zero information on any of this. I know you say you know things but if you arent going to come out and tell us I don't think it's worth writing 1000 word posts trying to come up with stuff.. idk haha but keep em coming I guess

Lol sorry, I'll try to limit my speculation and keep it to the other thread after this last one. But I am mainly trying to connect to things that I think could happen in this movie. Stuff like the Vanir predicting the future, and some of what the Asgardians know about Ragnarok approaching at the end. What I'm saying about Age of Ultron is where a lot of my information that I expanded on came from, but I have no clue what the secret at the end will be. If my theories are correct etc., however Ultron may play a significant role in the future. Pym and Janet would name Vision and Ultron like in the comics.
Pym and Janet are important to Age of Ultron, because of their connections to the characters, and we know they have to be in this series at some point... Whedon had already expressed his desire to have Janet in Avengers, but things have to be just wright with her portrayal across time... Edgar Wright's movie may take place in the 80's, not the 60's like I was mistakenly predicting before. How Janet and Pym get to the present, and why Lang's there is the fun part that means Selvig could be an older version of Pym, who has his own identity problems.

I do believe, however, that Feige is privy to this information at the end of the Age of Ultron, since Marvel studios has the backing of Marvel comics. We could see some of this if it really is the biggest event in Marvel history. This means we could also see almost everything that we would ever want to see in the number of movies they're limited to. They know the importance of sticking to the source material, but like Feige said we can't figure out where everything will fit in... because things are occurring differently. Out of order. Certain things are being combined. Mandarin's powers may be from Atlantis/Lemuria, but he's still an archaeologist who finds the rings buried in another country. Mandarin's backstory will play into this and that's what I won't speculate much on along with Thanos. The rings are still the source of his power. Studying time and space, and focusing on past cultures and Empires to predict the future. The person who controls the past, controls the future.

Marvel knows if they follow some of the source material in altered ways it will still pay off, because almost every major Avengers related event/character will be represented in some way on screen.
Every single thing you would never expect Fox to put up on screen or be able to pull off...

We're talking negative zone, the explosion that creates Penance(speedball), Ultron/Vision, The Masters, Ragnarok, Thanos and IG, Elements of civil war, Planet Hulk, Atlantis, Inhumans, the history of Titan, eventually Wakanda somewhere. Even Loki causing Hulk to turn against the team/forming the team has already happened. Major places/things from the comics will show up in big ways. Major events from the overall timeline are taking place in a relatively short amount of time/movies. But the risks may pay off. Feige, like him or not, understands the source material more than anyone over at Fox. And Whedon's at the helm. They won't use all Bendis's ideas for Age of Ultron but may touch them.
DoFP might be a cheap way to fix mistakes and reboot X-men, this would be completely different. A much bigger risk, with much bigger payoffs.
We would see how Pym time-travels, and his origin movie only after time-travel becomes a part of Avengers 2. Allowing his movie to occur out of order with the timeline... Pym, Ultron, Vision, and Red Skull all travel from another time/dimension into Avengers 2 in my theory. Ultron has already taken Pym out of the timeline because him and Wasp are pests to its plan, but we don't find out about Immortus until the end of Ant Man.

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