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Default Re: Pepper Potts as Rescue

Originally Posted by BoredGuy View Post
Seriously, just saying, if I were Tony Stark, what with the public superhero identity and billions of dollars, I would most definitely create a suit for my loved ones- wife children, parents, dog, hamster, whatever.
It's not like he's limited on resources to build them if he's on mark 47 or whatever

Pepper should have either extremis or the avengers-style bracelet activated suits

and hell, i'd say it should be on auto-pilot to fly her to a safe house

The suit could be "Rescue", as opposed to Pepper, per se
It's not a question of "can he" (Stark definitely has the resources), but "would he?"

Stark built the IM suit for a very specific reason, and it's his identity. He's not in the business of mass-producing them, and his entire motivation in the movies *and* comics has been to try to keep this tech out of everybody else's hands. If he starts producing suits for his girlfriend, dog, hamster, whatever, then the question becomes in the public's mind: "Why not me?" In the government/military's mind: "Why not me?" In the rest of the world's mind: "Why not me?" They'd want Stark to assembly-line the suits and hand 'em out like free bacon at Hickory Farms down at the local shopping mall.

Bottom line is that the Iron Man suit is Tony's identity, his persona. You don't give that away, not even to the people closest to you. That's why he fights so vehemently against War Machine for literally stealing his identity.


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