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Default Re: Thor 2 Dark World news, speculation and pictures possible Spoilers - Part 6


yeah I know what you mean trying to tie everything together, and I think I remember reading that the whole Marvel NOW stuff they're doing is only including for the most part characters that they're trying to get into the public eye and put in the movieverse. I do have the feeling they're going to lead to Ultron, which was my favorite part in A:EMH so I'd be glad to see that come to real life, but I don't think we'll get any inclination of that for at least a year or two haha.

I just think the whole time travel stuff is a little too much, I could see it being added a tiny bit in maybe one scenario of sorts but not on such a grand scale that you've specualted. I think those things work better in the books but don't translate to movies.

Each movie coming up is going to give us little hints at what's in store in the future. I'm sure some tidbit in IM3 from AIM or Tony himself discovering something will lead into Thor:TDW, where something more will be shown which will either point at GotG or something SHIELD works with in CA:TWS then onto the Avengers2, but I don't think we'll even have a remote clear picture of what's in store until Avengers2.

Look at Phase 1, each movie worked in little pieces towards Avengers, IM1 showed SHIELD, Hulk really only showed that SHIELD had some sort of knowledge of superhuman things, Thor introduced us to Loki, and Cap finally brought in the Tesserect. But even with all those items no one would have been able to predict the plot point of the Avengers even after all those movies were out. And I feel it's going to be the exact same way with Avengers2.

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