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Default Re: Thor 2 Dark World news, speculation and pictures possible Spoilers - Part 6

Originally Posted by mkilban2 View Post
I don't really think he is, I think he's there more as a figurehead to Thor rather than a fighter. More as an older man who people look up to rather than a great warrior.

I'm actually 100% okay with that though, probably because I've never read comics so my views come from what I've seen in the movies so far. I don't get upset when things don't work out exactly as they were in the books and then once I've seen them on the screen or read about them online I do some research into the subject. But I'm all for things being different than the comics, I mean even though they are movies based directly off comics, I think the general public's view of what happens and their reactions is much more important than the die hard comic book reader.

Basically I'm trying to say that to most people here or on CBM and other sites like these, Odin being less powerful or Thor not living up to comic book hype in feats of strength or whatever doesnt matter to 95% of the people seeing the movie, so even though 99% on this site will get mad about it. If they don't have prior knowledge of Odin being this super powerfull All-Father dude, they just see him as Thor's old ass dad who's probably going to die soon and everyone watching is okay with it.

Edit: which for the record in my opinion sucks, because even though I havent read comics I've done a fair amount of research on all these characters after falling in love with the MCU and shows like AEMH but I guess I'm always open to changes.
Yeah, I think the bottom line on Movie Odin is that he's just a supporting character, and the general audiences (of any age, really) already see the writing on the wall --- that he's an old king who's going to die soon and Thor will inherit his throne. Or reject/lose his throne, as the case may be.

This is Thor's franchise, not Odin's.


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