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Default Re: Thor 2 Dark World news, speculation and pictures possible Spoilers - Part 6

Originally Posted by herolee10 View Post
You know, with all of the talk that we've had about how Powerful Odin is and who should vanquish him, one thing that I'm trying to work my head around is whether the MCU's version of Odin is really all that powerful.

I mean, based on what we saw in Thor, he was given a few physical blows from fighting with Laufey; even lost one of his eyes as a result, before he ultimately defeated him.

Yet Loki was able to kill Laufey with just two blows from Odin's staff. So if someone like Laufey could give Odin so much trouble in his prime, then what's to say that he is all that powerful in the MCU?
I agree I don't think any of the characters are nearly as powerful as they are in the comics, from what I have seen. Loki's hardly shown us what he can do with magic at all, Thor isn't as powerful. Of course they can't make characters too powerful either, otherwise it's not believable that they'd be challenged by anything.

Look at Phase 1, each movie worked in little pieces towards Avengers, IM1 showed SHIELD, Hulk really only showed that SHIELD had some sort of knowledge of superhuman things, Thor introduced us to Loki, and Cap finally brought in the Tesserect. But even with all those items no one would have been able to predict the plot point of the Avengers even after all those movies were out. And I feel it's going to be the exact same way with Avengers2.
Yes, and even for Thor 2, in the Plots thread I'm making a lot of guesses based on what I think would work with what we know for sure and what I think would work in the film, with the tone of the film that is being hinted at, and that would make an interesting film. But I am first to admit I won't be 100% right about all of it!

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