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Default Re: Ultimate One Universe RPG: IC Thread

Edward shows Harvey the medical file he has concerning Kelly Devenger.

Harvey says, "Yeah clear cut case of abuse no doubt about."

Harvey then drops Edward's file into a paper shredder.

Edward is shocked and asks, "What the hell are you doing Harvey?"

Harvey replies, "Edward you did your duty as physician and reported the crime to me. Thank you but that's as far as it can go."

Edward asks, "Harvey you're an officer of the court you should be sending Captain Stacy and several of New York's finest over to pick up Tony Devenger."

Harvey replies, "In most cases I would, but this is not most cases."

Harvey fixes himself a drink and one for Edward. Edward takes the drink and says, "What I'm about to tell you goes to the grave with you. Got it?"

Edward nods and Harvey continues, "About three weeks ago the heads of the major crime families got together and deemed that Tony Devenger was becoming to dangerous to live and very reckless inspite of the fact that he was told on more than one occasion to tone it down by, allegedly, The Mythical Kingpin himself. He was taking risks that were, to be kind, counter-productive to the way they do business and his gun-running operation was becoming too hot for them to deal with. Especially since it's a global thing."

Harvey takes a drink and says, "Tony got wind of this and rather than be retired by the others he came to us and agreed to roll on certain members and the FEDS got wind of this and wanted in."

Edward says, "Let me guess Tony sings and dances away with a new identity courtesy of the Federal Government."

Harvey nods and says, "You catch on fast."

Edward takes a drink and Harvey says, "Believe me Eddie I would love nothing more than to see Tony D thrown in Rikers for the next 20 years and this abuse case would do it. I've got no doubt about it. However there is no way the FEDS are gonna let that happen. Tony got tired of being cooped up got drunk and took it out on Kelly as he has been known to do."

Edward asks, "How do you know that's what happened?"

Harvey replies, "I heard about it earlier this evening. I had one of the agents drive Kelly to your office, because she threatened to leave. I can't let that happen. Inspite of the way he treats her Tony loves her and she is part of the deal. Besides if they found her they'd kill her. She is caught in the middle Eddie and that is the damnable shame of all this."

Edward says, "You know eventually he'll end up killing her."

Harvey replies, "I know but like I said the FEDS are involved. My hands and my feet are tied on this one. The Mayor has said in no uncertain terms what the FEDS want the FEDS get on this one. That's the way it is my friend."

Edward says, "It's no secret The Mayor wants to be in the Governor's Mansion and figures taking down some major crime families will ensure him of that. Is that about right Harv?"

Harvey replies, "You catch on fast. Maybe you should go into politics."

Edward finishes his drink and says, "Nah. Can't afford the pay cut."

The two men share a good laugh over that and make some pleasant small talk for a while longer.

About twenty minutes later the two men shake hands and Edward says, "Thanks for your time and the drink Harvey."

Harvey replies, "Anytime Eddie anytime. Remember to the box with this."

Edward says, "Hey two friends getting together this evening and planning a golf date for next Saturday."

Harvey smiles and says, "Good call. The Excalibur Club 9am."

Edward nods and says, "You got it" and leaves the office.

Once Edward gets home he just stares out into the night sky on his back porch nursing a tonic and gin. He checks his sources on his secured network and yes there is a contract out on Tony Devenger. What stuns him is that the contract is not being put out by anyone with in the crime family circuit, but Kelly Devenger is the one who has put out the contract.

Edward thinks for a moment and he says, "Sorry Harvey I can't let this one go. I gotta do my civic duty on this one."

Edward bounces a racquetball off of the floor. It hits the left wall, the ceiling, and the right wall and right back where it began.

The marble coffee table gently slides away and Edward goes down to his workshop and begins studying what he already knows about Tony Devenger.

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