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Default Re: Ultimate One Universe RPG: IC Thread

Originally Posted by MST3K 4ever View Post

He looks over at Daredevil who is clearly not amused. The Joker says, "Well then I guess it's time to close the show for a while, but don't worry I've gotta feeling there will be a next time. I kinda like ya!"

With acrobatic procession he then flips up to the dumpster that Daredevil is standing on and quickly slams a razor card into one exposed foot and slams a joy buzzer on top of the other.

He says, "A little something to remember me by."

The Joker flips back and grabs Daredevil's boots and says, "Oh goody! I hope they fit!"

Just then the police get out of the car and one of them shouts, "Freeze! Hands up!"

The Joker raises his hands and pitch the boots one at each officer.

They duck and The Joker says to Daredevil, "If you ask really nice they might give them back! They seem like they just wanna talk to you! No harm in that you're a great conversationalist, and your wit will win 'em over I'm sure! "

He waves and says, "Toodles Boy Wonder! HA HA HA HA HA HA!"
Dick pulled the blade from his foot and tossed it to the ground. Bleeding from his foot and ribs, he looked up at two gun toting officers of the law and shrugged.

"Would you believe this was a Craigslist hookup gone bad?"

Reaching into his gauntlet, he pulled out a smoke bomb and tossed it at his feet. In just a few seconds, he was on the roofs above the street. Running barefoot and bleeding across the ground, Dick cursed under his breath as he scampered home, beaten and bloody.

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