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Default Re: TDKR Oscar Chances? - Part 1

Originally Posted by Ken-Kaniff View Post
I think it was a great movie, my favorite of the trilogy, but OSCAR?? Come on!

Even if it would have been a PERFECT movie, I don't think they would have ever nominated a comic book movie, you guys dream too much!
The Dark Knight is the reason why The Dark Knight Rises could be nominated for Best Picture. Expanding the number of nominees is solely due to TDK not being nominated for the Oscars back then, so it's very much possible that TDKR could be nominated. Will it win? Highly doubt that with films like Argo, Lincoln and The Master, all three films that I find to be better than TDKR for 2012, but being nominated will make me feel better just because TDK got cheapened out, so TDKR feels like it should deserve its spot as a nomination.

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