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Default Re: The IRON MAN 3 News & Speculation Thread - Part 5

some of your responses to that scene are, uh, surprising. never heard anyone anywhere say that they were disturbed in any way by that scene. in fact, most of what ive read/heard points to that scene as being silly and one of the reasons why IM2 was a step down from IM1. Irregardless, did you really think Tony was gonna commit homicide/manslaughter against civilians? He cracked up his house, made an ass of himself and pissed off his friends, full stop.

Those of you who saw a high level of pathos and tension in this scene are either a)rationalizing liking a movie most people arent crazy about or b)are bringing their own baggage to bear. Choice b) is perfectly valid, but it doesnt change the fact that IM2 is a deeply flawed - but still watchable - sequel.

on-topic: are we getting any Marvel cameos in this movie? Do we want cameos? Personally, I hope they give SHIELD the day off as it were.

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