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Default Re: The IRON MAN 3 News & Speculation Thread - Part 5

Originally Posted by TheVileOne View Post
I think when these movies were first being made we had an expectation we could see stuff like Demon in a Bottle. In fact once Robert Downey Jr. got the role it intensified that expectation. Of course all that changed once the movie came out and kids started dressing up as Iron Man for Halloween and buying all the toys and merch. Suddenly you can't have an alcoholic superhero.

You can sort of do stuff like Tony getting tipsy or having a drinky drink or having fun with the ladies, but he can't hit rock bottom and become a full blown alcoholic.

In Iron Man 2 most of the time he was behaving and being responsible. He usually wasn't drinking and was instead drinking his health smoothies. So it wasn't like, he thought he messed up so badly he got depressed and drowning his depression with alcohol.
I do think instead of his fight with Rhodey at the party, he should've had an actual fight with an armoured Vanko while drunk, and gotten thoroughly trashed. That's a staple of the comics. It could've brought him partially to his senses, and shown how he needs to be more responsible. He can't think he'll always win. It would've brought more weight to his drinking problem in IM2 and probably would've made for a better movie.

Maybe Vanko would underestimate him at the end because he thinks that Stark is just a drunk, but now he's facing a sober Iron Man, which is vastly different. That's what was great about the fight between IM and Iron Monger in IM #200. Stane had always faced a drunk Stark and was able to beat him. When they finally clashed personally, this was a different Stark in battle and far more formidable.

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