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Default Re: The Avengers 2! The Official News and Speculation Thread

Avengers 2 can totally beat Star Wars. Think about the audience segments:

Grown up nerds 30+: Will see both movies regardless. EDGE: TIE

Kids 6-12: Grown up on Avengers 1 and rest of the MCU movies, plus EMH. Don't know Star Wars except from DVDs and the Clone Wars cartoon. EDGE: AVENGERS

Non-nerd parents of young kids: See above. EDGE: AVENGERS

Millenials 18-30: Have seen pretty good MCU movies and weak SW Prequels. EDGE: AVENGERS

Normal women without children: ScarJo, RDJ, the Sexy Chrises in a contemporary setting vs. the geriatric shapeless original Star Wars cast and some young actors in bathrobes spouting some mystical mumbo jumbo in an unrelatable alien environment. EDGE: AVENGERS

"Dude" action movie guys: New York City getting blown up vs. some strange CGI alien planet getting blown up. EDGE: AVENGERS

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