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Default Re: The Official Rate/Review Thread for TDKR (TAG SPOILERS!!!) - Part 3

The movie was pretty good, but now that it has been months since I have seen the movie and my view isn't skewed by hype, I can say I lost interest in seeing any more Nolan films after this one, so grats WB?

This movie was cut all wrong. If nothing else it at least needed a better introduction to Bane. I mean when Batman immediately recognizes bane as a crazy threat without really knowing anything about him made no sense at all. They tried to lampshade this when Alfred points out what a complete mess he made, but it really didn't work for me and that is when my suspended disbelief broke so early in the movie. I think that is the most glaring flaw I saw in the movie. Batman loosing his cool just because a guy with a mask showed up seemed... uncharacteristic to say the least.

Also they didn't toy with the morally grey like they did the previous two movies. In the first two the villains stood for something. Ra's was about bringing judgement to the wicked with brutality and rebooting society. A relatable motive that crosses lines most sane people would not. Made him a compelling villain. The Joker also was also a character that struck a chord with the rebellious type. As we all know he represented the idea that life is a joke, and who hasn't wondered that at some point or another? In both, Batman not only overcame the physical threats, but battled these ideologies. In TDKR we have none of that. Bane didn't really stand for anything and Talia was just the things her father stood for plus revenge. I mean yeah, the movie told us that he was a false revolutionary who in the end couldn't be trusted, but it wasn't really shown much. In the end, it only felt like Batman overcame same old same old and some physical challenges. there was no deeper feel to the movie that made the other two movies so great. I think that is what bugs me most.

That said, the movie wasn't bad. In the end it was a good action move. It's just disappointing compared to the other two. If I ever want to watch the movies I'll more likely go for Batman Begins or TDK. I'm not even sure I'm going to buy a copy of TDKR.

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