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Default Re: The Official Batman (1989) Thread - Part 3

Originally Posted by axecrazy View Post
In contrast, Burton's Batman has a psychotic edge that most mooks recognize and respect on a primal level. The only bad guys who are willing to openly challenge Burton's Bat are the ones who are mentally unstable, brilliant, or just plain stupid. And they don't do so lightly because they know he is like them... only he defends the establishment rather than wants its destruction. The Timm/Dini Batman also has that crazy edge to a lesser extent.
What mooks are these? The only criminals I saw show any fear of Keaton's Batman were the two muggers at the start of Batman '89. The Joker wasn't scared of him. Penguin wasn't scared of him. Catwoman wasn't scared of him. Schreck never registered his presence in Gotham. Grissom never mentioned him before he died. Half way through Batman 1989, Joker's men knock Batman out in an alley and figure out he's just a guy in a costume.

I never ever got the sense Keaton's Batman was a fearsome presence in Gotham in Burton's movies.

I saw more fear from the criminal underworld of Batman's presence in Begins alone, than I did in both of Burton's movies combined. I haven't even mentioned the scenes in TDK where you see criminals too afraid to do anything at the sight of the batsignal, bringing attack dogs with them to the drug meets, and the mob meeting up in day time to avoid Batman.

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