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Default Re: Doc Ock's Lair v2 - Part 1

Originally Posted by OctoHaz View Post
Been a long freakin' time since I drew an Otto (especially since there was a period I was drawing him ALL THE FREAKING TIME). Think I'm a lil' out of practice.

(Also, after long long last, I finally once again own Spiderman 2... on bluray! Huzzah for post-Thanksgiving sales.)
Classic Ock

Dare I ask what that button he's holding in his hand does?

Originally Posted by Mistah K88 View Post
I'd have to agree with Haz and say Tom Kenny. I loathe the USM cartoon, but Kenny's voice is perfect for Doc Ock.

Honestly though there has not been a vocal performance I haven't enjoyed. Zimbalist, McNicol, Molina....they all put their own stamp on it and all of them worked.

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