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Default Re: Doc Ock's Lair v2 - Part 1

Originally Posted by The Joker View Post
Has anyone read ASM #698? Be prepared for a whopper of a spoiler, the greatest act of evil Ock has ever performed on Spidey
Spoiler!!! Click to Read!:
Ock has managed to transfer his mind into Peter's body and transfer Peter's mind into Ock's dying body.

In The Raft a swat team is called into Doc Ock’s room where he is on his death bed after he began murmuring something. The doctor present wants to be on the safe side after him almost wiping out mankind during EOTE even in his weakened state. A swat guy then leans in to hear what he’s saying- (the clues on the cover).

At the raft Captain America is there with Haweye, Wolvie, Spider-Woman…and maybe someone else as he tells Spidey Ock is on his death bed and has been asking for Peter Parker. Inside Peter says he wants to talk to Doc on his own without cameras (bad idea)…. as he walks into Ock’s room alone. Inside Ock croaks out ‘peter …. parker’. ‘Yes, I am Peter Parker’ Says Spidey, removing his mask for Otto.

Then Spidey? says- ‘No I am Peter Parker’ and explains how Octavius has switched bodies with Peter. Peter now inhabits Ock’s broken and dying body and Ock inhabits the body of Spider-Man with all of his knowledge and memories. Gloating Ock announces how Spidey will now die never knowing how he performed his greatest trick. Ock’s body containing Peter Parker’s soul then goes into cardiac arrest and he dies as Ock strides off in Peter’s body!!!

OH. MY. GOD!!!!!!
I didn't want to click the spoiler, and I did. I peed my pants! This is all Slott's doing?! I still havent read ANY of Slott's run and need to begin immediately now!

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