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Default Re: Wolverine Will Be in Days of Future Past

I am all for saying X-men the Last Stand never happened.But,even If Bryan has to Include It In film contunity I expext Bryan to try to avoid any direct references to It.Bryan
directing can get Anna Paquin as Rogue.If Wolverine stays In future Rogue could fill the void of Kitty.Rebecca Romijn needs to be In future scenes at Ian Mckellen's side.

Rewatching X2 reminds me not only how great that was but what promise the future of X-Men films had and now they have chance to reclaim It.Bryan can top X2.He has budget and time he didn't have with first 2 films.

Even with being the second highest grossing X-Men film overseas First Class Is still the lowest grossing X-Men.Doing a event film with Days of future past Is smart business for

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