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Default Re: Bryan Singer Directing X-Men: Days of Future Past

Originally Posted by blueserenity View Post
This is what YOU wanted. Clearly you have serious love for Wolverine. The actor is magnificent for sure, but FIVE of the seven X-Men movies so far are about Wolverine. I doubt that DOFP won't be a sixth. Wolverine used to be my favorite character but I'm sick of him now and judging from what I've read pretty much everywhere beyond the SHH boards people are pretty evenly divided on his return. That is NOT good for the box office.
Wolvie's cameo got the biggest laughs in FC.

They don't even need to have him be in the movie more than 10 minutes to have Hugh Jackman doing the talk show circuit as if he's starring in the movie. That's all that matters. The PERCEPTION that this is going to be some all out clash of the Old X-men and the New.

Get people's butts in the seats. Even if the end is all of ten minutes of Wolvie.

Originally Posted by Matt Mortem View Post
I really love the festering boil of hate this thread is. I'll never understand obsessively talking about how bad a film no one has seen yet is going to be, or people who obsessively talk about how they aren't gonna see the film.... Is it worth getting worked up into a nice frothy rage? Not a chance. Not a chance in hell.
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