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Default Re: Bryan Singer Directing X-Men: Days of Future Past

Originally Posted by blueserenity View Post
This is what YOU wanted. Clearly you have serious love for Wolverine. The actor is magnificent for sure, but FIVE of the seven X-Men movies so far are about Wolverine. I doubt that DOFP won't be a sixth. Wolverine used to be my favorite character but I'm sick of him now and judging from what I've read pretty much everywhere beyond the SHH boards people are pretty evenly divided on his return. That is NOT good for the box office.
Considering you're the only one having a serious fit over this, it's hard to make the argument that you're in the majority here.

Audiences do still love Wolverine - that cameo killed when First Class was in theaters. His lousy spinoff movie still made more money than First Class, which like it or not, did underperform.

How about actually letting the movie happen before climbing out on a ledge over this news?

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