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Default Re: Bryan Singer Directing X-Men: Days of Future Past

Originally Posted by blueserenity View Post
My issue is that despite pulling from the comic, this should be first and foremost a First Class sequel. That means they're not going to be able to follow the comic verbatim. Nor should they.

Announcing these actors so early has me worried that they're going to have massive, massive roles in this FIRST CLASS sequel when really they should be no more than short cameos. Magneto's role in the comic was really small, and while Wolverine did have an important role, giving him the same amount of time as he got in the comic would mean having to spend almost half the movie in the future, which they really should not be aiming for.

If they make him the traveler he's going to completely dominate the whole damn film. Just like he did in X1-3. Haven't we had enough of him?

I really bloody hope not. One film is more than enough for this clusterfrig.
Your acting like this is gonna be a straight, 100% accurate adaptation.

It's not. Yeah, it's definitely based on that storyline but it will definitely be modified to fit the universe and timelines created in these movies and modified to fit the version of the story Singer has envisioned.

DOFP is still very much a sequel to FC, but it is also a sequel to the main series. We don't yet know how this will mesh. Be patient and don't freak out.

Also, as far as the casting announcement goes, just because they were announced in this early, doesn't mean they will be more or less important than any other characters.

Fassbender, McAvoy, Lawrence, and Hoult were announced before, though not long before (same day) McKellen and Stewart and before Hugh was confirmed to be returning. Odds are all of these will be important to the plot, but it doesn't mean they won't all have sufficient screen time.

I wouldn't worry.

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