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Default Re: Wolverine Will Be in Days of Future Past

Originally Posted by blueserenity View Post
This is a FIRST CLASS sequel.
Why don't people (including the DOFP crew apparently) get that?
It's a follow-up! It's a sequel to FC and the continuation of X1-X3. And I couldn't be happier. To me, this was the most brilliant thing they could come up with the put new life into the franchise.

I am a HUGE fan of FC and I was positive throughout production. BUT even I don't care for anyone in that movie besides Xavier, Mags, Mystique, Emma, and to a lesser extent, Beast.

And if they were only going to develop that new X-Men team, I fear the movie wouldn't have gained much of an audience. This way, the new team cast gets a boost from the old cast and the franchise can be continued. Everyone wins!

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