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Default Re: Wolverine Will Be in Days of Future Past

Originally Posted by psyonic View Post
Plus, The Wolverine is set after X3, so there is no doubt they want to move forward with the X-Men franchise. I can see them continuing the franchise with an official X4, X5 and concluding the FC timeline in DoFP, but who is say they're not going to have mutants brought to the future from the FC era.
I can't see why they'd want to move forward with X4 and X5 when most of the actors/characters in that time period are not getting any younger, including Hugh Jackman. You could maybe bring the younger actors from the FC era, but why go to that trouble anyway? Why not just leave them where they are and maybe introduce the young Jean, Scott etc.?

Plus, if DoFP is a continuation of X3, and the X1-X3 films eventually come to a dark future with Sentinels and prison camps, where the heck does it leave that timeline and all its characters (especially if they end up dying there)? That's kinda not a nice way to send off your beloved characters.

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