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Default Re: Wolverine Will Be in Days of Future Past

Originally Posted by blueserenity View Post
The XMFC cast is going to be so secondary in this film it's like they won't even be there at all. Sir Ian and Sir Patrick? I can deal. Wolverine, are you kidding me???? This isn't XMFC2 anymore, this is bloody X4. I'm officially and completely done. All I can hope for is that it isn't a colossal failure at the box office so they can make a proper third movie about the XMFC team.
Dude...I pretty much feel the same way. Hugh Jackman's Wolverine in a Fox produced, Brian Singer directed X-Men film does not fill me with confidence that this will be a true ensemble film. Jennifer Lawrence has some leverage due to the success of Hunger Games, so maybe it won't be that bad for her. And Fassbender has a rising career and stole the show in First Class, so maybe he'll be fine too. But I still have my doubts, and IMO, it dosen't look like it'll fix the true problems with X3. I'd be excited if they brought back James Marsden and made up for screwing him over 3 films straight,

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