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Default Re: Bryan Singer Directing X-Men: Days of Future Past

People need to get any crazy notion of first Class as reboot out of their minds.Bryan Singer Isn't directing a film that will Ignore his own films.And Bryan Isn't going to waste time dealing with other people's films.

People also need to understand many franchises and TV shows do liberties with what Is said In past In dialogue and have errors.The error about Magneto's helmet Is nothing compared to rewrting Star Trek did with the Borg.

In all likelyhood we will spend 30 minutes In Days of future past dark future and and a hour and 30 minutes in 1960's.

The future can be seen as sequel to Bryan's previous X-Men films and the past as sequel to first Class.

They are doing this film since it Is one of top X-Men storylines that they have wanted to do,and the storyline allows them to do epic crossover with cast members from both
First Class,and earlier X-Men films.

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