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Default Re: Bryan Singer: Why 'Superman Returns' Didn't Work

I thought the beatdown was a bit misplaced to be honest. Whilst I agree that it was disturbing/cruel and really showed the pure evil side of Lex Luthor, I found it hard to stomach that - even without his powers - Superman wouldn't fight back more.

We've seen him in many of the comic stories without powers and it's always been clear that it's not just superpowers that make him Superman - it's his perseverance, determination and never-give-up-attitude. He was virtually powerless when he took on the Cyborg in the Reign of the Supermen arc, going into the battle knowing he would probably die, but he still had some fighting ability and a lot of spirit. I never got much sense of that from Singer's Superman as Lex's goons beat him up. Even without superpowers and reduced to human-like ability, Kal El is still a big strong guy - I'd liked to have think he could have went one on one with any of the henchmen.

But then again, Singer's Superman also seemed a bit lost at times, came across slightly depressed, and was prone to spying ................. so there's lots of characteristics he didn't quite nail.

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