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Default Re: What's So Bad About Superman Returns?

The fans begged and begged for a supervillain to be in it, WB and singer knew this, but they chose to ignore it and counted on the love of the donner films to make it a success.

The kid didnt really bother me, but I could have did without him.

Lex. I never cared for the casting of spacey as lex. That said, if he had of been written differently, I would have probably liked him.

Bosworth was ok, but just ok isnt good enough.

Routh. I had no problem with him. It was the wrong film, wrong time for him.

They pretty much rehashed the same plot as S:TM. Lex creates a disaster and plans to sell the resulting landmass thats left/created. some of the lines were even the same.

It needed a supervillain, badly imo. Supes should have still went off looking for survivors of krypton.
While supes was gone, Lex should have still stolen the crystals from the FOS, but this time it would have been to make tech ( and we should have actually seen him making it to show his evil scientists side ). Lex would have sold some of the tech off to the highest bidders, kept the best, and then formed Lex-corp from the proceeds. He would have then created metallo as his right hand. He is powered by both the crystals and kryptonite, giving him strength that is equal to superman's.

Lex would even have found cures for diseases and how to stop famines ( sold to the highest bidders of course ) all to gain the trust of the public he hates so much.

He would have sent metallo out to stop small wars, destroying and killing whole armies, and also to stop crime. Metallo would kill all criminals he caught, from pickpockets to murderers....The US gov decides Lex has gone to far and sends a Military force in to stop him, but metallo destroys them. Lex is furious at the attempted attack against him. He sends metallo to the US capital and he destroys it. Society then becomes a totalitarian state run by Lex.

This would be the point where Superman returns. Imagine Supes returning to a Earth 5 years later where Lex is now as equally rich and powerful as a bill gates and donald trump, but as evil as a stalin and hitler, WITH a superstrong kryptonite powered bodyguard protecting him.

Now THAT would have been awesome and my ideal superman film. No creating landmasses here. No kid either. Just Lex and Supes battling for the publics soul and some epic fights between supes and metallo.

“Turn to page 394.”

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