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Default Re: Any word on if this is going to resolve continuity issues from First Class?

First Class HAS no major continuity issues insofar as the first trilogy is concerned; the only two things it messes with are Xavier's line in X1 about Magneto having helped him build Cerebro (which really isn't an issue) and the scene at the start of The Last Stand where Erik and a still-bipedal Charles go visit Jean (which could be explained in any number of ways).

First Class doesn't jive with Origins: Wolverine, but it's already crystal clear that they've chosen to ignore that film completely.

I do find myself wondering if Bryan Singer, by bringing back the people he has, is planning to excise The Last Stand from continuity, which has me worried only because I don't think it's necessary or fair to possibly excise The Wolverine from continuity as a 'ripple effect' of excising TLS, since we know that The Wolverine is a 'pseudo-sequel' to TLS but don't, at this point, know just how connected the two films are.

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