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Default Re: Create-A-Hero RPG Season IV IC Thread

Phoenix walks around still looking at his reflection from time to time as he strides the halls of S-T-R-I-K-E HQ.

Weaver approaches the new look Adam Phoenix who is now 6'4" 255 (all muscle) and black hair wearing dark glasses.

Weaver asks, "Still getting used to it?"

Phoenix turns and replies, "Somewhat I still have to say I'm pleased with what you and your team has done."

Weaver replies, "Well we do what we can. Just remember you need treatments at least once a week and the dark glasses must stay on your eyes are now very sensitive to light."

Phoenix nods and says, "Of course."

Weaver motions and says, "Come on let me show you our R & D department."

The two men walk to the Research & Development section and after 20 minutes Weaver asks, "So what do you think so far?"

Phoenix shakes his head and says, "Crude, neolithic and very counter productive to any serious development."

Weaver asks, "Well then what would you do?"

Phoenix smirks and grabs a dry-erase board and begins going through a series of diagrams and scenarios.

After ten minutes Collins asks, "Would you like to take on the role of adviser?"

Phoenix replies, "No. I'm taking over this department. Give me two weeks and you'll never know that it was the same department."

Weaver studies Phoenix for a second and them smiles. He sticks his hand out and the two men shake hands and says, "You have no idea how I was hoping you would say that."

Phoenix replies, "Now that we have that established. With all due respect clear out. I got work to do."

Weaver bows slightly and says, "It's all yours."

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