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Default Re: Create-A-Hero RPG Season IV IC Thread

Eve arrives back at The Church and sees Brother Cecil going over several screens of diagnostic notes.

She says walking by, "A little light reading."

Brother Cecil looks up for a moment and says, "Hardly trying to look in on any known comm channel via your neural net while on patrol is not light reading."

Eve stops and asks, "Are you able to read my mind?"

Brother Cecil replies with a smile, "Not yet."

Eve smiles back and walks away. She enters the Command Center where Deacon Hawk is also studying a set of monitors.

She says, "I think Brother Cecil is fitting in very nicely with us."

Hawk replies without looking up, "Agreed. He has found his niche."

Eve asks, "So what did you need?"

Hawk asks, "Familiar with S-T-R-I-K-E?"

Eve replies, "To a point why?"

Hawk says, "Monitoring the communications on your Neural Net and some digging on my own. There's no doubt Phoenix was taken by them and they have formed a partnership."

Eve says, "Then it's time to go get him."

Hawk replies, "Slow down there. This organization is Government based in a lot of ways and we don't have any hard proof. Only a theory which some of our facts seem to favor. Besides you against them alone not gonna be pretty."

Eve asks, "So what's the next step?"

Hawk replies, "Time to for you to form some alliances within the Meta-Human community. That's the only way it'll work."

Eve nods and says, "Agreed."

Hawk says, "Be mindful of the following though. No one is to know you're a cyborg and no one is to know about The Society. Any of these rules get broken and you will be subject to being taken off line."

Eve nods and says, "Understood."

Hawk says, "All-right take your diagnostic time and then get back out on the streets and hope you meet up with others at some point."

Eve nods and after an hour is back out on the streets.

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