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Default Re: All Things Superman: An Open Discussion - - - - - - - - Part 17

Originally Posted by Dr. View Post
In most versions of the origin, Jor-El is aware of the “science” of yellow suns, etc. and fully understands that his son will be different, have the means to change/influence Earth. So the “destiny aspect” is pretty much built into the standard mythos - and isn't particularly new or revisionist.
Not really.Yes Jorel specifically sends Kalel into a planet with a yellow sun becuse he knows the powers of the sun will protect him-its a means to ensure survival.Thats all what Jorels intentions were about-ensuring the survival of his son.He did not plan for his son to become some kind of saviour,there is no prophecy involved, no destiny-he simply hopes for the best.

Kal becaomes Superman beacuse of the Kents teachings.End of.Jorel guiding clark on the path to be a hero shld never be used-it shld be the kents-see Superman Earth one to get an idea for a good example on this.

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