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Default Re: All Things Superman: An Open Discussion - - - - - - - - Part 17

I don't mind all this destiny stuff, but in fact I don't really think that's how that's going to work in MOS. From the comic con trailer, I always imagined that the whole story of Clark is that, he grew up as a regular kid until his teenage years where he is afraid of being discovered ("My son was on the bus. He saw what Clark did") and hurting people and has no answers to who or what he is ("Some many questions. Where do we come from?"), that he is living in alaska so he can hide, and be isolated for some extent. When and how Jor-El appears (you gotta remember, the scene where Clark emerges from a fire and the set photos where he was wearing ruined clothes, perhaps the Earth One/Action Comics (New 52) element of the ship is used or inspired by that), and reveals under his armor the suit; my theory is that its not destiny that Jor-El uses on Clark to become Superman, but Jor-El, as a father, gives Clark advice, direction, and overall confidence to open up and be one with everyone else instead of hidding because of being feared by them. Thats my theory, anyways.

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