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Default Re: The IRON MAN 3 News & Speculation Thread - Part 5

Originally Posted by TheVileOne View Post
The thing is his whole drunk scene was pretty innocuous. It wasn't that bad because Tony thought he was dying and Black Widow nudged him and said, "hey live a little if you think it's your last birthday ever."
Wow. It´s not what happened there at all. She told him to spend it with whoever he wanted doing whatever he wanted, the subtext being "ditch the party and go find PEPPER". Because in a previous scene on the plane Tony point blank told Pepper he did not want to go home, at all, and asked her to run away to Italy with him instead. He looked pretty sick and miserable while dressing for his birthday, hence the heavy drinking - he wanted to keep pretending everything was OK and it backfired on him.

Originally Posted by Joeyjojo72 View Post
some of your responses to that scene are, uh, surprising. never heard anyone anywhere say that they were disturbed in any way by that scene. in fact, most of what ive read/heard points to that scene as being silly and one of the reasons why IM2 was a step down from IM1. Irregardless, did you really think Tony was gonna commit homicide/manslaughter against civilians? He cracked up his house, made an ass of himself and pissed off his friends, full stop.

Those of you who saw a high level of pathos and tension in this scene are either a)rationalizing liking a movie most people arent crazy about or b)are bringing their own baggage to bear.
I would want to add a number 3) we actually happened to have brains, thought about that scene a little, and it occurred to us that that a drunk person might commit homicide/ manslaughter not because he decides to, but because, I don´t know, he is drunk off his ass and does not know what he is doing?

There are several people arguing here that since (drunk) Tony did not think he could miss, and since the (also drunk) crowd did not run away, all was just fine and dandy. Following your logic, drunken driving is OK as long as the driver does not actively plan to hit anyone. Please tell me you don´t have a license.

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