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Default Re: Batman reboot: Should it be based on realism, dark imagination, or silliness

Originally Posted by shauner111 View Post
Yeah and the first meeting between Scarecrow and Batman was like that. I love that scene. I love the image of Batman in the backround slowly kneeling down, you just see this figure with ears blend in with the darkness and nobody knows anything. Perfect.
Yah, Batman Begins was at its best with trying to make Batman this shadowy figure in the night and while TDK felt like it strayed from that idea a bit, TDKR tried to show it once more. I like this full circle moment with that with Batman being this legend now and being more in the shadows in the third film.

Originally Posted by Brain Damage View Post
I think you're right, but the effect could have been much stronger. The montage feel of that sequence really detracted from it for me.
I don't know, I felt the montage was perfect. It showed Batman using the darkness as his tactic once more to quickly take out those thugs and a montage, imo, was all that was needed since those thugs wasn't what Batman was after, it was Bane.

Originally Posted by spidermanJLA!~ View Post
I loved that strobe gunshot scene in TDKR, before he went against Bane.

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