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Default Re: In hindsight what changes would you do

Changes I would make:

BB: Remove some of the cringe worthy shots of extras and their terrible acting.

- Same as above, and also replace Maggie Gyllenhaal with Katie Holmes. Maggie is definitely the better actress but I HATE it when roles are recast. It ruins the consistency, and it's one of the things that prevents this trilogy from being completely perfect.

- Also the ferry scene - I would have had the civilians blow up the ferry full of prisoners. That would have been a major kick in the balls to both Bats and Gordon, and it would have taken this film to a whole new level. The scene as it is is a total cop out, and I don't believe such an ending would have ever happened in real life, especially in today's world.


- John Blake would not be John Blake but rather Detective Richard Grayson, plain and simple. He would be the one to discover the truth about Harvey Dent.

- Bring in Detective Harvey Bullock.

- Include scenes with the citizens of Gotham and their reactions to events (definitely using better actors than the horrid extras of the first two). Have the people of Gotham rally around Batman's symbol after the truth about Harvey Dent is revealed and Bane takes over. It would have made Batman's return even more epic.

- More cop scenes in police headquarters, gathering evidence.

- Call the prison the Lazarus Pit - have more scenes exploring Bruce's psychology, as he revisists and reevaluates the very reasons why he became Batman in the first place. Include a scene where he stares into the water right at the bottom of the Pit, and instead of seeing a reflection of himself, he sees the face of Ras al Ghul. Bruce is beginning to realize what he is truly becoming.

- Ending: Bomb goes off, half of Gotham is completely destroyed. Bruce comes full circle and accepts that for the most part, Ra's was right. He takes over as the leader of the League of Shadows, but moves the organization in a reformed direction. Batman remains as a symbol, but it is absorbed into the LOS's global network. Wayne Enterprises is now mostly a front organization for the LOS, with Bruce fully in control. He takes the responsibility of rebuilding Gotham, not as Batman, but as a new, reborn Bruce, who operates his crime fighting network behind the scenes. It would sorta be like a darker version of Batman Inc - Bruce uses the symbol of Batman to train others who believe in his mission and bring them into the organization, and the first person that Bruce embraces is none other than Dick Grayson. Selina would remain as Bruce's love interest. End of movie.

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