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Default Re: Cast the Marvel Universe - Part 2

Originally Posted by xeno000 View Post
Only what occurs in the actual comic books matters because that is all that is considered canon. Nothing in fan fiction is ever going to influence the fate of the characters in the comic book or movie universes, so it isn't important no matter how shocking it may seem. And frankly, there isn't much in fan fiction that is more stomach-turning than some of the stuff in the actual comics. Siblings slinking off into the bushes to have sex with each other is far more objectionable than anything fans have come up with.
I've been writing fanfics since I was 11 and admit that it really helped grow my interest in literature over the years, I'm majoring in lit and I can still connect it to my love of comics and eventual fanfics so I do regard the "genre" (if we can call it that) in some esteem.

However it's still not as big as it's regarded. I mean yeah they're fun and really if our imagination is pure speculation then you don't get more pure a speculation about these characters than in fanfics... and it isn't that just because a licensing studio owns the copyrights that their interpretations are more legitimate than the ones that fans make, y'know what they say: the text stops belonging to the author the moment it's written down, it belongs to the reader and relies just as much on a reader's interpretation for it to be unique as the author's own originality. I believe these are what the critics call "writerly texts," and comic-based characters are exactly that. BUT the reason why I agree that fanfics aren't exactly as big as they're put out as is because they are, by definition, fan-based fiction. They aren't independent. They are the "expanded" universe, the supplemental plugs to the original material, and as such will always remain second-tier no matter how original the idea is. In short, fan-films and fan-fiction, by being fan-based, never goes beyond an interpretation to be something original and a re-interpretation because their sole existence relies on existing popularity.

This isn't a blow to what we're doing as fans, fan-based material is still something that I feel is important, but it's simply a reflection of the popularity of the characters no matter how artistic the take is, instead of an advancement of the popularity.

I was making this point to a friend today and felt that since this thread is all about fan-based speculation, it'd be appropriate to find some feedback on it. What do you think?


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