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Default Re: The IRON MAN 3 News & Speculation Thread - Part 5

Originally Posted by R_Hythlodeus View Post
wait people are claiming that Jan is in IM3? is there ANYthing that indicates that this might ne true? because it sure sounds like bad fanfiction.... and goes directly against the Feige 'no cameos' quote.
Feige specifically said no cameos from any of the Avengers, she might not be an Avenger yet. We know Radioactive man is in the movie, but he`s not a villain. They may NEED her before Avengers 2, and there are only a certain number of movies they can get in before then... Feige has made reference to the fact that they only have so many movies and and so much time to tell the story they want to tell. it makes a hell of a lot of more sense than introducing a character that may not impact future stories or have as much GA recognition & importance - if they only have certain opportunities to work her in before Avengers 2.

Let`s not forget, Whedon wanted her in Avengers at one point. Things may be able to be worked out with how she`ll be portrayed in Ant Man now, as the planning of phase 2 and 3 has gone forward after Avengers proved a massive success. Prompting the studio to take what Feige calls many risks with how IM3 will give us a nice little soup of things (all the elements and set ups are mixed in well as part of the whole, essential to the whole soup, and a more balanced mixture of things than how Shield & Widow were worked into IM2).

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